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Brick, Mortar, and Energy:

How Retailers, Restaurants, and Hotels Can Beat the Pandemic


Saving Energy Can Save a Business

Retailers, restaurants, and hotels have been hit hard by the economic impact of COVID-19. With 94% reporting revenue losses, smart businesses are scrambling to find untapped sources of savings and preserve whatever revenue they can.

If you're responsible for the financial livelihood of a restaurant, hotel or retail property, you'll want to read this eBook to learn creative steps you can take to save your business. 

  • See how COVID-19 has impacted industries nationwide.

  • Get 7 keys that are helping companies like yours survive and prosper.

  • Identify sensible areas where you can cut costs in 2021.

  • Understand how green energy solutions can save your business thousands of dollars without upfront investments.

Your business' roadmap to recovery.

Get tips that will help your business survive and thrive in the COVID-economy.


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