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2020 Electrical Contractors' Playbook: Guarantee New Installations, Secure 15-Year Maintenance Contracts & Unlock a Hidden Revenue Stream


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As an electrical contractor, every day can often feel like you’re starting from ground zero. Your competitors are always trying to steal your customers with promises of the same quality work at a much lower price. Those same competitors often don’t even understand what it takes to truly do excellent work.

How can you guarantee new projects, increase profit and edge out your competitors? 

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What You'll Learn

In this 1-hour webinar, you'll learn about a unique program that allows you to block out the competition and secure your place as the leading electrical contractor in town.

If you’re an electrical contractor trying to figure out how to secure more deals without losing profit, join this interactive discussion. You'll walk away knowing how you can:

  • Guarantee customer loyalty on maintenance contracts, even is competitors try to undercut you.

  • Secure new installation jobs without having to outbid the competition

  • Generate an additional 6 figures in annual revenue

Meet the Presenters

John Donofrio of Enertech and Daniel Gold of Future Energy Solutions will share a unique strategy that’s giving electrical contractors a huge advantage over the competition.  

This savvy pair of experts will help you discover how to secure more deals without losing profit. 


Daniel Gold

Founding Partner,
Future Energy Solutions

John Donofrio

Jr. President,