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Beyond Masks & Hand Sanitizer: Preparing Schools for a Brighter Tomorrow


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Being a modern day education leader is a tough job in the best of times. From annual budget restraints to online accessibility challenges, the obstacles are many. Add COVID-19 to the mix and it’s almost the equivalent of a scholastic armageddon. 

Education leaders are faced with not only creating whole new education protocols, but trying to figure out how to pay for these new expenses. 

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What You'll Learn

In this webinar, we’ll explore some of the innovative ways schools across the country are stepping up to the new normal and meeting current demands.

Join us for this interactive session to learn:

  • Innovative ways your school can respond to the health and safety needs of the community

  • A proven approach to unlock hidden budget that can be used to meet current demands

  • How to make your long-term vision for your school a reality, even while operating during a pandemic

Meet the Presenters

Geno Thomas of the Lowellville Public School District, Richard Jean of Archbishop McCarthy, Matt Russell of Unbound360 and the National Catholic Education Board, Vincent Schmidt, Trenton, NJ Superintendent, and Daniel Gold from Future Energy Solutions will give you the inside scoop on the best innovations schools should be focusing on in 2020. 

Geno Thomas Circle

Geno Thomas

Lowellville Public School District

Richard Jean

Archbishop McCarthy
MattCharles Russell

Matt Russell

Chief Revenue Officer,
Vincent Schmidt Circle

Vincent Schmidt

Diocese of Trenton New Jersey

Daniel Gold

Founding Partner,
Future Energy Solutions